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The Home


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The home is the most volatile organism that exists on earth. It is explosive with life giving potential and implosive with the violence of destruction. Today, the home remains the incubator for the development for noblemen and thieves alike while it itself is under attack by all kinds of rogues and fiends, leaving it as either as a place of refuge for the faithful or a cave for an enemy combatant. The home was established by God to advance the Kingdom of God; to protect the Republic, nurture our communities and release the potency of God’s will through our lives into societies. As it is written, “But you shall remember the Lord your God: for it is he that gives you the power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he swear unto your fathers as it is this day”. The propagation and the population of the home are predicated on a simple notion of one simple command “Honor”. This book is nurturing and possessively rich because it is conservative at its roots, liberal in its understanding and radical in its manifestation. It is the cornerstone of the series as it provides the opportunity for us to revive our works in the midst of the year and looks at the home as the place from which revival and restoration impacts an entire society and heals its sores. It is powerful, exhaustive and extra-ordinary in its approach to this contemporary topic.

The Home by Michael Lattiboudeaire, (The Great House Publishing, Inc., ISBN 1-889448-47-8 Softcover $14.95, Paperback $12.95 Hardcover $18.95) Product Code: THX555829 Category: FAMILY, INSPIRATIONAL, CURRENT AFFAIRS, PHILOSOPHY

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